Professional Athletes

An athlete has a certain amount of time that they are working and making money before they start living off of their nest egg. They cannot afford to trust just anyone with their money. Ted has had the privilege of working with and financially coaching many professional athletes from a variety of sports such as football, baseball and hockey to name a few. Ted has the knowledge and experience to provide solutions and strategies for their end-of-career game plan, so that they can spend their energies focusing on their respective games instead.  

Five Agreements for Pro Athletes

Cash Flow - turn 7 months of paychecks into a 12 month cash flow plan

Family - make clear commitments and manage expectations

Trust - obtain clear policy and standards to determine who to trust with specific aspects of your life

Expectations - manage your own expectations, as well as those of family, friends and peers

Investments - short term and safe investments, and long term planning strategies


Other Athletes

We have the knowledge and resources to help any professional athletes from any organization. Please reach out to us to see how we can assist your individual needs!

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